Back in The Vortex

Two days ago, I got back to the crystal island Koh Phangan after 5 days on Koh Samui. I had quite a morning. I won’t get into the boring details. But I saw the best sunrise of my life while being super grumpy not getting enough sleep – the end of my Samui trip, for now.

After getting back on the island, I had scheduled to meet with Amihai from a local shop called Magic Stones. I was introduced to him because he wanted to take his products online.

A while ago, I put it out to the Universe that I would love to help local artists take their products online for the world to see and buy. When this opportunity appeared, I instantly grabbed it. This has been my dream! As soon as I stepped into his shop, I was blown away by his creation. Amihai handmades everything in his shop. Everything is one of a kind! From jewelry to hand-carved knives to hand-made bags… it was as if I had entered Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Except this is Amihai’s Magic Stones Shop in Srithanu, Koh Phangan.

The meeting was amazing. We hit it off right away (and we have the same freaking birthday!). While I was talking to Amihai, there was a guy in the shop who overheard our conversation. He came to me and said he had been wanting to start an online shop and heard that’s what I do. He was so nervous to talk to me that he had to go outside for a few minutes for a breather. 

It was as if all the stars were aligning. 

I decided to have a chat with him over some tea after my meeting with Amihai. His name is George, a 27-year-old German boy. Other than helping local artists, I’ve always been passionate to share my knowledge, especially about business. We talked about his ideas, my business, and my journey as an entrepreneur. Then came to find out, my friend Chanti had met him on the ferry coming to the island and had mentioned me to him if he needed help with his business. So we were supposed to meet two months ago! Ha! This is the magic of Koh Phangan, where synchronicities are everyday encounters. 

A rather emotional morning, traveling, to feeling on purpose and fulfilled by the end of the evening – it’s really funny how Life works. 

Opportunities could come from all directions when we don’t expect them. Same as the opportunity to serve and give. 

Now that I’ve got sucked back into the Phangan vortex, very excited to start collaborating with Amihai, while the desire of living in Samui still lingers in me, I am reminded of this quote “If you want to make God laugh, show him your plan”. I might have to stay on Koh Phangan after all… for now.

We shall see!

The best sunrise I’ve ever seen from my balcony in Samui. The picture just doesn’t do its justice.

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