The Dance

Today I wanted to write about Samui. But instead, I decided to just let my fingers type away on the keyboard. No agenda. No plan. Just writing. 

I felt as if something wanted to come out of me. Something I had no idea about. 

It’s funny when this happens. It’s when I get to let go, trust and flow. 

Sometimes in life, it’s not about doing things as planned. But to let go and let things flow. In this case, my typing fingers. 

It’s about the balance, the dance between these two: planning and flowing. 

How do we have a goal, have our eyes set on a future vision, and at the same time, freely let the next step unfold?

Smell the roses, listen to the crickets, watch the cars drive by. 

“Life is the dancer. I am the dance.” – something I heard from Oprah a few years ago. 

“What is free will? If I pick up a glass of water because I am thirsty. Is that thirst free will?” – something I heard from Jim Carrey last night. 

“Am I a chess piece and Life is the player?” – something I am asking. 

I don’t have to control what happens. I get to allow things to happen. 

I don’t have to control what I want or what I don’t want. I get to surrender to it all.

What if Life is a big orchestra. The idea of the Truman show.

I am the puppet, God/The Divine/The Universe is the one directing my moves. 

The more I get out of my own way, the more God can intervene and direct His blockbuster movie. 

I don’t have to be the one in charge. And that He knows the most beautiful scenic route for me. 

I seem to know what I want and I go for what I want. 

But I wonder, who put that ‘want’ in me. Is that my free will or is it Him?

A mystery that could never be solved. But I like the mystery. And I enjoy the journey. 

That’s all it matters. Right?

Noir Cafe, Koh Samui – where this post was written

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