Closing Out The Year

Two days ago I did a training with a group of 60 Filipino Virtual Assistants on the topic of goal setting. Other than going over the basic goal setting structure, we also talked about the Be-Do-Have concept, creating habits, and being our own cheerleader.

Before I was queued to go on the ‘zoom stage’, I was listening to the group reflecting on their year, sharing stories and celebrating their wins. It inspired me to also write down my wins from this year. As I started to write, it didn’t take me more than 10 seconds to finish the list. Immediately I thought, wow, I can’t believe I didn’t accomplish much this year. What the heck did I do? Then I thought surely there’s more than this. Then I started to write down all the little wins that I had. Nothing is too insignificant. It immediately lifted up my spirit again and I was reminded, regardless of how big or small, we get to celebrate all of our wins. Instead of thinking I didn’t do or accomplish enough, I looked at my list and decided to be grateful for all that I did do. 

The biggest one to me is the blog that I am writing now (this one that you are reading). This blog had been something I wanted to do since I started traveling 5 years ago. This year, I finally got it up and wrote quite a number of posts. Not bad for the first year. Even when the whole site disappeared, I still managed to build it back again. That itself is definitely something worth celebrating. I am patting myself on the back.

Staying with Vera at the moment in the rather quiet Munich, Germany, I got to take the time to go inwards, to reflect, and to set up my vision, goals, and plans for the next year. I’ve been feeling more centered and happy to work on the projects that I love. I am ending the year with so much gratitude for all that happened this year and all that is happening now at this moment. I want to take this moment to thank Vera for sharing her house with me, giving me the space to do whatever I want to do, and showering me with love and attention every day. 

The sun is setting. For New Year’s eve, Vera and I are headed to her sister’s house and spending the night celebrating with her family. I can’t wait to finally hang out with her family and welcome the new year with much joy, love, and laughter. Happy New Year everyone! 🥳

The last sunset of 2021 in Munich, Germany

Getting Back To Writing & Winter in Germany

I haven’t been writing for a long time. My latest entry was six months ago in June! That’s how crazy things can go when we get side-tracked by life. 

Another reason I stopped was also because the blog that I was building got wiped out. My hosting expired. I didn’t renew it and I forgot to back up the site. So the whole site was gone. In a way, I know to start things over is not necessarily a bad thing and I’m glad that I type all my entries on Google Doc. So not all was lost. But it definitely broke my writing flow.

At the same time, my head just wasn’t at the right place to write. I was back on Koh Phangan and felt like the island overtook me. 

Anyhow, I am feeling so amazing at the moment typing away on my computer, sitting in my friend Vera’s living room in Munich, Germany. I flew here a few days ago from Spain to spend the winter with her. It’s also my first time in Germany! I haven’t gone out much other than doing groceries. After spending almost two months on the road in Spain and Portugal with Avner, I feel like some self-quarantine time is necessary. I’ve got my workspace set up at Vera’s. I have been cooking every day and cleaning her house like an Asian maid.

There’s a sense of contentment and ease I am feeling. Not needing much stimulation but being happy with the simplest things. When external stimulation is at the minimum, I finally get to be in touch with my inner self more. Hence, it got me on my Google Doc again typing and journaling.

Quiet and peaceful Christmas Day in Munich, Germany