“Then Appreciate Your Life”

This morning, I finally took the ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui. I had been wanting to do this trip for weeks now. Even though Koh Samui is just next to Koh Phangan, I wondered why it took me so long to finally do it.

I got a very nice sea-view Airbnb in Lamai area. I was so happy the whole trip here as if I was really traveling. Though it is traveling, us on Koh Phangan wouldn’t consider going to Samui ‘traveling’. 

Anyhow, I let my mom know I was here and sent her a picture from my Airbnb and also a picture from my vacation the week before on the island in Thong Nai Pan. My man Avner had taken us on a mini staycation. Looking at those pictures of me, one week apart, I thought to myself and texted my mom “I have a really good life”. My mom replied, “Then, make sure you appreciate your life”. 

I don’t know why, hearing this from my mom made me feel all the feels. It really hit my heart. Yes, I do very much appreciate my life and I will continue to do so and more after hearing this from my mom. 

Sitting here in front of my Macbook Pro, facing the vast ocean, listening to the birds, I appreciate every inch of my life (is that even an expression?). My heart is so full. My joy and gratitude are showing up as tears in my eyes. 

Thank you Life. Thank you Mom and Dad – For this beautiful life that I deeply appreciate. 

Our private pool at Santhiya resort in Thong Nai Pan, Koh Phangan
My sea-view Airbnb on top of the hill in Lamai, Koh Samui]

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