“I Must Be Doing So Well”

There are so many of us who constantly feel like we are not doing enough or we are doing something wrong. At Date With Destiny (a Tony Robbin’s event), we were asked to examine the primary question we ask ourselves all the time. Seriously, we all have this one primary question that we ask in our heads all the time. Like “how do I look”, “what are they thinking about me”, “what did I do wrong” – these are the themes in our head, and often looking for what’s wrong.

So I decided to change my primary question from “what did I do wrong” to “what can I appreciate about this moment”. From constantly looking for what’s wrong to constantly looking for what’s right. 

As I look for the things that I can appreciate in the present moment, I am more grateful for what I have versus focusing on what I don’t have. 

Our reality reflects our thoughts. If my reality is reflecting back to me the good and juicy things, then I must be doing quite well in my head. Right?

Instead of thinking “I am not doing good enough” or the feeling of doing something wrong, what if that conversation is replaced by “I must be doing so well”.

Imagine how well I can do with this conversation in my head – “I must be doing so well”.

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