What Do We Really Do?

“Our job is the excuse through which we get to love people.” – Panache Desai

I heard this quote about 8 years ago on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday of her interview with Panache Desai. 

It resonated with me so much that I had it on my vision board. I wanted to remind myself of that all the time. 

My job is where I get to love people. 

I used to think I need to create that one big thing that could impact the world. But then I came to realize it’s less important WHAT I do but more important HOW I do it. 

I don’t have a business that is changing the world per se nor am I making millions of dollars. But I do have a business that is bringing joy to others. It makes me happy to see my customers happy.

Being in Thailand and having my business based in the US. I often wake up to messages from my customers, thanking me and telling me how much they love my products and how they make others happy when they give them away as gifts.

It’s a beautiful way to wake up. Knowing that my products are making people happy energizes me to keep going, to keep doing a good job.

Because my goal in any business I do, is to make people happy. 

I might not be selling things that are changing the world, but I am making somebody smile. My products are making people feel loved and helping people express their love.

That makes me the happiest. That fulfills me. 

So often I hear people ask, what’s my purpose? What am I supposed to do in life?

We often look for that ONE THING we can pour our heart and soul into. 

But we miss something important in our search for that ONE THING. 

It doesn’t matter what we do. As long as we put our loving attention into it, that thing can then become that ONE THING. 

We don’t search for that ONE THING. We create it with our love and attention. 

We could be cleaning toilets, driving a bus, all these seemingly insignificant jobs, some do it in dread, some do it with passion. Those who do anything with passion, win. For they make others feel their passion, their love. And that’s what makes the world go around.

The vibration of passion carries us on our path to success. 

Instead of asking what I should be doing, look at what you are currently doing and ask, how can I do it with more love? 

That momentum will carry you to walk the path of passion and love. That will eventually lead you to that ONE THING. 

Let it unfold patiently while pouring your love into everything you do.

Be patient.

Be love.

My dear.

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