The Simple Life

I am on Koh Samui now. Unlike Koh Phangan, where I am constantly surrounded by people I know (I’ve spent a good amount of time on the island in the past few years. With my super power to make friends everywhere I go, you can imagine how many people I know on the island.)

In the past 4 years living the nomadic life, Koh Phangan has been my ‘home’. It’s the place I come back to every time I am tired of traveling and wanting to be at a place where people know my name. Where I know where to go and who to talk to for everything I need. It’s been my place of comfort living this adventurous, not knowing where I’ll be tomorrow or next week type of life. 

The past two months being back on the island (from northern Thailand), I had been so happy to see my friends again. But as time goes, I feel more and more heavy with all the connections I have on the island. I gave it the term ‘connection fatigue’. I dreamt of being at a place where nobody knows me. Where I can camouflage into the background. Do whatever I want. Go wherever I want. It sounds funny this is what I was ‘dreaming of’. That’s why I’d been wanting to come to Samui to live a ‘simpler life’.

So here I am, living the dream. Ha!

Today is the second day of my trip. I woke up really late. Then I went to the cafe I went to the day before called “The Secret Brunch” which is a 2-minute drive from my house. I ended up staying there the whole afternoon reading my book “Believe IT” by Jamie Kern. I was so absorbed in the book that I couldn’t put it down. I only planned to get a coffee at the cafe but ended up staying for hours just reading. I felt a sense of peace and stillness and JOY to be able to devour myself with a great book. 

Many people might be surprised to know (including me!) that my ideal vacation nowadays is where I could spend hours and hours reading a book without distraction or obligation to be anywhere (some call this getting old). It’s so simple yet so rejuvenating. 

I live a life that many people think I am always out doing something interesting and adventurous. But in reality, I love living as simply as possible. And I am probably the laziest traveler I know. I usually stay in my house and not really go out much. I find joy in staying put and working on my creation at home. 

To live in Lamai at the moment, I stay within the perimeter of 5km from my house. As soon as I find a coffee shop or a restaurant I like in a new city, it immediately becomes my go-to place almost every day. I like the simplicity of it. I think it brings a sense of familiarity and certainty to my uncertain life. 

I am now sitting in front of my Macbook, facing the ocean with the full moon rising and shining in front of mah face. Oh my oh my. I cried a little over the beauty of all this. 

Another moment, another day to be grateful for. 

The beautiful full moon rising over the horizon

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